Trial Preparation Support Services

Considering successful litigation is a function of effective communication, Video Graphics provides a number of trial preparation support services. Trial presentation software has changed how information is communicated to a jury.  Video Graphics provides support services to that end.  Syncing the transcript to a video deposition is common today. We will transfer the original video file into a mpeg-1 file. The court reporter will provide the ASCII file of the transcript then we can sync the two files together. A Program such as Sanction can use the synced file to playback areas of the video Deposition by simply highlighting a part of the transcript and pressing play. The video with audio as well as the written text can be displayed at the same time to the jury. The jury can watch, read and listen to the testimony highlighted.

We will scan photos, diagrams, and other exhibits as well as make prints from video recordings and put them on a disk or flash drive for you.

If you need something not mentioned please ask.